Empowering Blockchain Integration

What IPAssets Does

IPAssets provides blockchain integration services for businesses and Universities. Specifically, IPAssets creates customized blockchain empowered tools to fit broad as well as specific customer needs. These tools can be used to manage cap-tables, intellectual property, certificates of authenticity, warranties, media content, and more.

IPAssets is in the process of establishing its regulation crowd funding portal and is not yet providing those services.

IPAsset Services

Blockchain Integration Tools

IPAssets provides a customizable blockchain wallet, asset builder, and asset viewer that can be tuned for your specific application and needs. Whether you simply want to recognize your artwork’s certificate of authenticity or are seeking more complex implementations of blockchain and digital assets, IPAssets is your preferred partner to accomplish these goals.

Regulation Crowd Funding

IPAssets will soon provide Regulation Crowd Funding services in the United States. Specializing in University derived technologies and businesses, IPAssets will provide an easy and efficient portal for offerors to list their campaigns. *IPAssets is not currently providing Regulation Crowd Funding Portal services and all development of this portal is kept separate from this website.

*IPAssets is completing its Finra registration and plans to offer portal services soon.