Empowering Technology Transfer through Blockchain and Crowd Funding

What IPAssets Does

IPAssets offers robust Intellectual Property Portfolio management tools and plan to be the first regulation crowd funding portal designed specifically for early stage technology disclosures. Through these untapped funding channels, Technology Managers can increase the value of their most promising technology disclosures. Participating Crowd Funders receive representative digital assets associated with the technologies they support and could earn a share of licensing income.

*IPAssets does not currently offer any crowd funding or other financial services.

IPAsset Services

Intellectual Property Management

IPAssets offers a user-friendly portfolio management platform for individual and department level Intellectual Property Management. Keep track of all technology assets, licensing status, patent prosecution, stakeholder communications, royalty payments, and more.

Technology Disclosure Funding

Universities and Research Institutions can “offer” unlicensed technology assets for crowd funding. Through these offerings, capital can be raised to perform a defined scope of work intended to “de-risk” the early stage technology further. Improving the chances of licensing and commercialization.

*IPAssets does not currently offer any crowd funding services.

Marketing & Commercialization

The IPAssets team actively seeks licensees of the technologies offered by the Universities and Research Institutions. The experienced team at IPAssets engages with diverse industries to accelerate the licensing and commercialization potential of diverse technologies.